Who am I?

I’m JooHyung Kim, nickname as zeroFruit. I’m from South Korea, living in Seoul. You can find me on  Github or on Twitter.

I started programming when I was undergraduate student at Seoul Nat’l University. And grew up my skills on the group: Nexters and DE-labtory.

My main interest is to understand how the system works, and get the idea how the system could be built in that way. And this blog post represents my milestone best.

What is this Site?

I started getoutsidedoor.com as a place to keep my own things including:

  • lessons from what I’ve worked on
  • retrospective writings from the life
  • deep-dive analysis on what I’m interested in

The topics of the articles I publish usually about Kubernetes, Network programming, Software development. You can see the tag cloud on the below:

aggregates Architecture blockchain book byfn cicd crd cryptography DDD devops docker-compose Domain-Driven Design entities fabric gcp git github golang go testing Hyperledger Hyperledger Fabric Java JPA kubernetes memory Network opensource Pass arguments Pass by value Performance Postgres programming language Query retrospect rfc SideProject smart contract software design terraform tutorial unit test virtual memory 사람 회고